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Updated 20-Aug-2011


Not updated as a blog. Nor Twitter. Only a website with, I hope, "essential" knowledge to you.
Just a bit what happens to mine and others' cars.
Things that may be of interest.
In mine and others' garage...


Inte så uppdaterad som en blogg. Eller Twitter.
Detta är en hemsida. Med lite vad som händer med mina och andras bilar.
Sådant som kan vara av intresse.
I mitt och andras garage...


Diary notes


Not a day passes without a thought on this beautiful car.
True, if you love your hobby.
In summer - run the car.
Remember things that should have been repaired during the winter.
Discover other errors when running.
This is an old car. A car that requires care. A car to be shown in real life, rather than to be put in a private "museum" parked above genuine persian carpets.

Dagboks noteringar om min W111 280SE Coupé 1968


Tankar går dagligen till denna bil. Så är det om man tycker om sin hobby.
På sommaren åker man. Kommer på saker som borde ha fixats under vintern.
Andra saker händer när man kör. Det är en gammal bil.
En bil som kräver omsorg för att inte bli stående i ett privat "museum".
En bil att visa upp.


Travelling in Arctic Regions

"For safe driving on snow- and ice covered roads suitable tyres are of utmost importance. Winter tyres (M+SE tyres with spikes) or snow chains will help you to overcome the perils of ice, snow and slush. A small bag filled with sand or an old blanket put in front rear wheels will render good service, if you should run into trouble in snow or ice at some time or other."

Export Service of The Daimler-Benz AG, late 60s




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