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230 SL 1965

John Lennon's Mercedes

This 1965 Mercedes Benz 230SL was the personal car of John Lennon, a member of the Beatles. The car was ordered through a British dealer, who delivered the car. It is equipped with right-hand steering and modifications to suit British laws. Lennon asked for an automatic transmission. Although not often fitted, his request was honored and the car was so equipped. In the rear seat, you may see an enlarged copy of the registration bearing Lennon's name and address. Although some 20,000 cars of this type were built, this one is unique.

Source: http://www.smallplanetbigworld.com/2009/05/john-lennon.html



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1965 Mecedes 230SL - Beatles John Lennon's old RDH blue car


- UK registration #GGP196C with John Lennon signature, previously owned by John Lennon of the Beatles.

- This car was sold new to John Winston Lennon MBE in London, England on August 2, 1965.

-- It was special ordered by him as an automatic, and delivered to a British dealer in England from Germany.

Note: John Lennon purchased this car before he had a drivers license…John Lennon did not drive this car much because he did not see very well…
This rare celebrity car was delivered the London location at 13 New Albermarlo London address…

- Dark blue canvas top
- Dark blue hardtop
- Gray Mercedes Tex interior
- Right hand drive - RHD
- English style headlamps
- Has a Clean Florida title

-- Special order automatic transmission with floor shift

-- Fuel injected inline 6 cyl engine...
-- Odometer reads: 19,127

$495,000 in the US Dollars - or money- or funds...

The title of the song is “Drive My Car” and it is a Beatles song. It is part of the album “Rubber Soul”. This one has been written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon and it was released in the UK in 1965.

Source: http://www.rarebeatles.com

Source: http://www.motorbase.com

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