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Updated 04-Nov-2010

Fuel system - Bränsletillförsel

Bosch Mechanical Fuel Injection to 250 SL

Bosch-type PES 6 KL 70 A 120 R 18. A six-plunger injectionpump. Early W113 were fitted with a two plunger injection pump, but from 1964 it was superseded by a six plunger pump. Fuel from the rear fuel tank is drawn out by an electric fuel pump and pumped, via a paper filter, to the injection pump, which is mounted on the left-hand side of the cylinderblock. Fuel is metered mechanically through injection tubes and nozzles to the combustion chambers. The Injection pump is driven by the auxiliary shaft of the engine. This early six-plunger pump has a separate oil refilling (red lid).

Bosch Insprutningspump till 250 SL

Bosch-beteckning PES 6 KL 70 A 120 R 18. En 6-kolvig insprutningspump med mekanisk reglering över en rymdkam, stoppmagnet. Separat oljepåfyllning, inte som 280:n där smörjning sker direkt från motorn. Tidigare Pagodor, hade en 2-kolv insprutningspump. 1964 kom 6-kolvspumpen. Tidiga sådana hade separat oljepåfyllning (rött lock). Senare fick insprutningspumpen olja direkt från motorn).


Fuel pump beyond rescuing - Bensinpumpen bortom all räddning Restored fuel tank - Rengjord bensintank




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